Our Services

With the environment we live in, it is imperative to be diverse. The broad range of services we offer allows for us to treat a large range of problems and thus achieve our overall goal of helping people to preserve their land and properties.

Noxious Weed Control Service

Canada Thistle

Under state of Montana law, property owners or managers are required to control noxious weeds on their property. The state can send employees of the state or county onto your land to perform weed control and then bill you for the services. However this is very very uncommon. Additionally the property owners adjacent to your land will not be pleased when an infestation of any size leaches from your land to theirs, so for continuing good relations with your neighbors take care of your property!

You can rest assured that when you make the decision to control noxious or unwanted weeds that we will use the safest herbicides possible and still achieve the desired weed control. At the Montana Spraying Company we specialize in being able to achieve weed control in Bozeman, MT in any type of area or terrain whether it be your 1 acre of pasture or multiple sections of hills or river bottoms.

Premium Total Lawn Care

Revegetation Landscaping

If you seek an amazingly green and weed free lawn we have the answer for you. The folks at the MT Spraying Company only use the most innovative and effective fertilizers to insure that you will see results almost immediately. Additionally, if you are like the rest of the Gallatin Valley you probably have a few Dandelions. Don’t worry, we can safely take care of those and any other weed control needs you may have.
This service includes:

  1. 1-5 applications per year
  2. Highest quality liquid and granular fertilizer
  3. Effective Human/ Animal safe weed killer
  4. Knowledgeable staff to answer all your questions about lawns, trees, gardens, etc.

Tree Care and Tree Services

Tree Care

The Montana Spray Co is not just a weed control company in Bozeman, MT. We offer a full spectrum of expert tree care and tree services in the Gallatin Valley as well.
Our various Services include:

  1. Tree Pruning
  2. Tree Removal
  3. Tree disease diagnosis and treatment
  4. Insect identification and treatment

Unsure about the health of your tree or shrub? Is it discolored, losing leaves or needles, holes in the bark or trunk,wilting or is there a bacteria fungus looking growth on it? Then chances are there is a pest. Give us a call and our certified experts will come and identify the problem and when desired treat it.

There are hundreds of insects in the Gallatin Valley and Montana that can do damage to or even kill your trees or foliage. When thinking of having your trees or foliage treated but unsure if it is worth it, take into account a few things.

  1. The time and energy taken for that tree to grow to the size it is.
  2. The money you have put forth to grow the tree/ shrub itself.
  3. The financial requirement it will take to replace it if it dies.
  4. The emotional attachment you have to it.

Gravel and Rock Bed Sterilization


Have a gravel driveway, landscaped bed, rock bed or any other area with unwanted grass or plants growing it it? We treat these areas to restore them back to a weed free environment.

Not only do we eliminate those plants, we also can treat the ground with a pre-emergent that will greatly reduce the number of weeds that will ever come up in the first place or come up again during the current season.

Property Maintenance and

Tree Spraying
  1. Maintenance of existing landscapes, lawns, ponds, glades, grass blades, etc.
  2. Cleanup of brush, debris, excess dirt and anything else that you might need done.
  3. Brush Mowing
Deep Root Tree Fertilization

Psydrax Odorata

Hate waiting for your young trees/ shrubs to grow large and beautiful?

Fertilizing a tree/shrub is a great way to increase the growth of your tree/shrub by as much as 3x over a few years.

For this Service we use highly specialized equipment to pump the highest quality tree fertilizer directly into the trees root system.

Native Revegetation

Revegetation Landscaping

This is a very specialized and unique service we offer for property owners interested in returning their landscape to as native of a state as possible. Lots of landscape work is done well and is beautiful. However there is no landscape more beautiful than the land of Montana in its original form. Revegetation Landscaping is a perfect service to implement immediately after construction work or can be just the overhaul an established landscape needs to stand out with true Montana beauty. Not only will you be thrilled with the authenticity of how your landscape will look you will also be doing the right thing by returning Montana to its natural state. This service includes:

  1. Native Grass Restoration
  2. Native Wildflower Introduction
  3. Native Tree Restoration
  4. Shrub and Plant Restoration
  5. Forest / Tree Work
  6. Wildlife Sanctuary Creation
  7. Continued Upkeep of Land